Remember Hooves with Heart!


Dear Generous Donors,

Hooves with Heart continues to be the only local non-profit focused on funding groups of at-risk teens working with horses. The cost of equine (horse) facilitated learning is high, but studies have shown that the results are more profound than years of counseling.*

Hooves with Heart is efficient because of our partnership with Equine Life Solutions. ELS has graciously served our challenged population of teens for four years. Their dedication to maintaining the horses and delivering quality horse workshops, allows 85% of your contributions to directly fund teens participation with horses.

Who better to say “thank you” than a mother of one of our young scholarship recipients. This mother’s thank you is because of YOUR gifts.

“Since starting the program I have seen her blossom into a strong leader. She started the program after her father was kicked out of our home. Since then she has gone through family counseling, a messy divorce with a protection order, the loss of the only home she has ever known and her father refusing supervised visits. Your program has given her a purpose and consistent responsibilities. She has learned how to be sensitive to others – just as horses all respond differently, so do people, including her Dad! We are honored to be part of Hooves with Heart.”

Hooves with Heart is celebrating our 5th year because of our enthusiastic youth, Equine Life Solutions, and your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you!

With gratitude,
    Libby Miller

*For more information on the efficacy of equine studies, please refer to the recent Huffington Post Blog, “Youth, Addiction, Horses and Healing” by Tim Hayes.

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