Young man has an “aha” moment about safety through horses


A new horse, Max, arrived at Holly Farm.  This german performance horse fell off the “grid” and was rescued as a feral animal in Wyoming.  When Max arrived at Holly Farm, he found safety in the pasture.  When he ventured outside the pasture fence he would become very anxious and he would exhibit unsafe behavior because he felt unsafe.  The walls of the paddock provided him security.

One young man observing this from YouthCare had an “aha” moment.  He learned from the horse’s experience about safety from his point of view.  He openly expressed that walls were unsafe for him.  In his life, he had experienced trauma in enclosed environments.  He realized that he feels most safe when there are no walls.  The YouthCare youth moved on to grooming and loving Max in the safety of his paddock while learning more about himself.  Horses give us powerful “AHA’s”!!

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