Hooves with Heart’s Impact

HomestyleHoedown-2015-horseMany of the teens and adults we support live in temporary shelters or on the street…

Compelled to leave their homes because they don’t feel safe, Hooves with Heart provides the opportunity to experience a safe haven with horses. A place where teens and adults with trauma are able to exhale stress, inhale fresh air, and embody courage—experiences empowering them to better manage their challenging lives.

In the past year we have worked with a multitude of King and Snohomish County service organizations to facilitate 1,000 horse experiences. Homeless Youth, Sex Traded Women, Adolescent Mothers, Recovering Adults, Abused Adolescents and Learning Challenged Teens—this vulnerable population has been able to experience valuable lessons, thanks to your continued support. The discipline and commitment exercised by those we fund, by consistently coming to the farm each week, ripples into their every-day lives and fuels progress to sustainable living.

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Scholarship Recipient Messages…

“The Horsemanship to Leadership Program has helped me learn how to focus on a certain task and not get distracted.”

13 year old teen 

“I am in charge of assignments that the entire school sees, and I put the leadership skills I’ve learned through horses to use in my life.”  

15 year old teen 

Parent’s Messages…

“The farm is a safe place for my son.  When he is riding or working or interacting with the animals, everything makes a little more sense to him…As his skills continue to build and his contribution grows, his feeling of self-worth grows as well. ”  

Mother of a 13 year old boy

“The blossoming confident young lady, my daughter has developed into is, in great part, due to being able to immerse in the programs offered at Holly Farm.”

Mother of a 12 year girl